Wednesday, 19 October 2011

What are YOU passionate about?

As you can see I love the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge!  NO! I don't love it...I love to live it!!!  I am so proud to be affiliated with a company that wants to give others health, wellness, and prosperity on many different levels.    I didn't realize that just my enthusiasm would be a draw for people to investigate the challenge.  The other day a man I work with on occasion stopped me to chat.  He had heard I was using some new health products and saw that I had a lot more energy.  He wanted to try them.  He wanted more knowledge.  Now he knows how awesome they are and wants to share them with others as well.  How cool is that?  I have people asking me questions frequently.  Some are automatically enthusiastic, some want to try, some are skeptical, and others are just not interested.  Any of those reactions is just fine with me.  I'm not about to try to push some one into doing something that isn't for them but on the other hand I am not going to be ashamed or hide something that has made such a change in my life!!!  I can't wait to see how my team members succeed!!!

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