Sunday, 16 October 2011

Onward and Upward!!!

At the end of September I heard about a 90 day health challenge sponsored by a company called Visalus.  I listened to a prerecorded call with some great info then checked out some videos on a website.  All of it really intrigued me so I met with someone in person to get all the details.  I am so glad I did!!!  I signed up on the spot!!!  I am so excited!!
 It took a few days for the product to arrive and when it did I started using it right away.  Yes, I was looking to lose some pounds, and I have, but I was really surprised at some of the other results.  I normally have a nasty bout of irritable bowel at least once a day.   One hour after eating I end up in the washroom.  After 4 days I noticed that this hadn't been happening at all.  Really!  Not at all.  I am so thrilled by this.   Visalus, you rock!!  These shakes are amazing and I can't see myself ever removing them from my diet.  I love talking about them.  I will tell anyone about how much they have changed my life.  Thank you, Visalus!!!!  I'll weigh in on Monday and keep you updated on my progress.

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